Tuesday, July 8, 2014

So much to do so little time - GBF-Ancient Relics General Ideas and Art Guide

It's have been days that I have thinking of record a video of actual development of GBF Ancient Relics, first to show you the dialogue system, then to talk about inventory ideas (manage Ship upgrades, cargo and crew thru inventory), and later for showing off the character creation system.

Captain Janeway, aka the only way

About Character Customization and it's reflection in gameplay

But so much to do, so little time. The dialogue system is nearby finished (the work will be make all conversations to the level of the old RPG immersion that I pretend. That was the reason for the character creation system; every choice you make will be tangled with the conversations. The way they speak to you, conversation options, or whole conversations can depend on your choices on character creation (for the time being; gender, faction, personality (that is linked to the aesthetics of portrait).

Personality code for GBF Ancient Relics

 I'm wondering if keeping the user selections simple (you select simple things and the scripts make of you a complex character), or adding so much choices as you will remember from the first Elder Scrolls or Ultima character creation, like homeworld, studies (if any), and career choices 'till the moment where game starts,  class specialization (engineering, science, etc) that affect stats, but, the idea I'm working on is that the main character is the captain and will depend on having the right companions (that they sure will be engineers, scientific, military, etc) on roster. One can say "I can let that for the next game", but hell, I'm gonna be working hard for months with this, and the success can determine If I release another sci-fi retro RPG of the Galactic Battlefare Universe.

The thing is whatever male, female or androgene sex the character has, former faction, or personality, the main character of Ancient Relics is a retired naval fleet captain with problems with the Terran Confederation, and will find old friends and make new ones. You don't write letter by letter what your character say, or what he is done in the past. The character is already created, you customized it. It's not like Ultima's Avatar, where the only thing the main character say is "Job", "Name", and "Bye". So in the context of Ancient Relics, I think simple character selections, that will return in more complex conversations via script, is the way to go.

Note: Dialogue system reminds right now more to the first Elder Scrolls games, where you select a keyword of action (Trade, Accept, Reffuse, Attack, Leave...), of conversational tone (Calm, Harsh, Interested..) or game story keywords (ask about certain person, or certain place). But the option trigger a real conversation between the characters, with bracketed narration included (so yes, I think the closer experience is first Elder Scrolls Games. I'm working around the idea of having a max of 9 conversational options at every moment, or make a scrolling window of options that will let me open or close global dialogue options, precisely like in the best old rpg games. That you can be in one point of the galaxy "doing a quest", asking people if they know how to make it to somewhere, and go back to the other point of the galaxy and ask the first npcs you encountered if they know where is it. This will be preferable in inmersive narration, but will build scripting expensiveness, so I'll see what I do.

¿Told'ya that I love how my dialogue system is right now?

About the art
some GBF Ancient Relics NPCs

I established the cannons of 2d art in Ancient Relics; 3d realist toon shaded sprites of guys and gals and multi-limbic aliens. There is a lot of art just for npcs here, companions, and Player Portraits (there are 30 in total of the last, today I did 7).

a NPC that you can come across during any town shop day or dungeon friday, need a 1024px ingame sprite. NPCs that you can talk with (most of them), will need (at least, maybe some of them need more) one 1024px Dialogue Sprite. NPCs than can be team up (recruit as your companion) need a 516px portrait, and NPCs that can be part of the ship crew need an 256px Inventory Crew Icon. I'm not sure yet if all Crew members can be companions and viceversa, I will think of that when time is on the essence.

The second NPC I put in the test level was a placeholder  NPC take out from Hearts Date Club, but finally get fond of she and remake the graphics for Ancient Relics standards. She is a NPC that you find in game, can talk, and can be recruit, so need all the graphics. This way, I made a template so you can see the kind and variety of graphics I'll use per NPC:

SunKim Companion Art for GBF Ancient Relics
Don't miss detail, zoom this commie.

The Character Creation system is functional,( but I have to fix the script 'cause when cancelling and making a new character, portraits doesn't show well), when I'll have the other 24 player portraits (in a few days I hope), I'll have enough to justify a new video (character system and dialogue system with the first conversations, so you can taste the flavour of the game).

About RPG systems

Player inventory - Ship inventory

As I'm immersed with all the above, I'm letting flow in my head different ideas about the inventory. Right now, I have one basic scripted in place (items, equip, stats..), but my priority is making two kind of inventories, Player and Ship. How much you will can customize the ship thru his inventory, or how well by compatible the dual inventory idea, I don't know yet. Sure, you can purchase merchant cargo in a spaceport and take it directly to your spaceship.. But when you're roaming a derelict spaceship dungeon, the only cargo you'll can handle will be personal size? Teleport is not of human use in GBF (for teleporting merchant cargo directly to the ship from spot. Maybe you can tag cargo for, when you return the ship, send the minions to take the load? Hmmm...

Combat system

No idea yet. Wanna do something original, fast or slow, but engaging. Two days ago, a found a Success $100k Kickstarter grid-based space RPG (Space Crawlers). Nothing to do with my retro-conversation inmersive-space opera universe, just procedural dungeons and some kind of nintendo old style RPG first person combat system, but with appealing AAA graphics (I don't need nor want AAA graphics, but I congrats space crawlers developers). I thought before about a  first person perspective rpg turn based combat, but thought that was bland. Face it, in Eye of the Beholder, Ishaar trilogy, Lands of Lore, the real time first person timed actions based combat works, at least for its age. But in a sci-fi enviroment (yes, they will be close combat enemys, but mostly ranged) with grid-based movement, I don't see it. A Realms of Arkania isometric-grid turn-based hardcore combat system is a naughty idea, but really costly to achieve, out of my possibilities or budget.

Real time? Turn-based? First person, isometric, top-view? Minigame, hardcore RPG? Any suggestions will be appreciated, in the meantime I'll think about it.

From the time being, I'll keep working day and night, soon you'll see more or less the results of first (and maybe second) week of work!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Person Grid-Based Sci-Fi RPG - Development Diary #1

So, after releasing my first real thing to the mobile gaming world (this), (learning in the way methods to finish Hearts Date Club programming), I decided to take a pause and trying to do something good (or, let's say, for PC)

The idea of developing a simple engine for a Retro First Person Grid-Based RPG in my Sci-Fi context  (FPGB for now on) was heavy on my head. Without hesitation, the second day free to work (more on the first day later) I started early in the morning how possible was to make the Grid-Based Movement in an easy way, compatible with the rest of gameplay.

My first stop was at Unify Community, to see if some clever guy put a free script out there to do all the work for me. I found GridMove. A good little script, capable of make the character move in unity units with a simple animation, and allowing or disallowing diagonal moving or running, but not Turning (I guess, was a good script for isometric views). Also, didn't hold collisions per se, and a SIMPLE FPGB don't need real physics of rigidbodys and gravity and all the fuss to work, just a way to say "you can walk here, but not there".

Then I make my second stop at this compatriot youtube channel that have a series of three basic videos explaining how to do Retro RPG 3d-Dungeon movement. His Script has forward/backward and turn movement, but not side movement, and handle collision by seeing if there is a thing in front out you, but regrettably didn't differentiate Triggers (a must for gameplay flow, for triggering cutscenes, dialogs, actions..) from every other thing.


So I thought that could not be very hard to "script" in PlayMaker my own movement script. Well, I thought maybe I couldn't make it fluid as the C# movement scripts, but I could try.

I was wrong, I made a wonderful movement script. Forward/Backward, Turning, and sidestep movement, everyone with different animations and sounds. 

I named it Movement "Octopus of Doom" (for OBVIOUS reasons), and you can take a peek on it!

Movement Octopus of Doom Script
Zoom-it!, Love-it!, Wallpaper-it!

First, the StateMachine checks if movement is not deactivated (for cutscenes, for example... Later I can make that if you are hurt or in a confused step, movement work in another way...) Then Just check if you are pressing movement keys (movement arrows and WASD, Q and E for sidesteps); Checks if anything blocks the way we want to go, and execute the movement with a nice Tween and sound. 
The Collision system that uses is any object Layered as Block Movement. Then, I can make the 3d scenario anyway I like (with fences, grass, trees, columns, NPCs, etc), and I put Invisible Blocking cubes in the Block Movement Layer, so when I create the level I easy-designated where the player can go and where not, nevertheless the scenery. 

And... I made this little video, just to show you what a fantastic job can you do with Unity, Playmaker, some imagination and some placeholder art (except the Korinesti (the blue alien), that is GBF Universe Art)

PS: As I was telling you before, the first day free for work, I updated Unity to 4.5. OH MY. They created some "Tooltip" that conflicts with Playmaker and Playmaker third parties, so until I update manually every asset I usually use, I got to manually fix the scripts to go along with 4.5. And was hell. Errors and more Errors. I fixed half the scripts and I fell surrendered to others, delete them and wait to the developers to upload a fix, and decided to work in the things I can actually can work (And made the fantastic Octopus of Doom)

And if you don't listen..
Swarzennager is cool... They said.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Xtreme King Abdicator - 'Cause you can have fun outside a Republic.

Being a King in a modern country is hard. You have a lot of work to do and subjects to make happy with your Christmas speech. Will you be able to Reign the country of Pravia for 50 years, or will you abdicate sooner by the pressure of the job?

Xtreme King Abdicator, between the parody, the political satire and the fun is a casual game of skill and expertise; You'll face 3 different levels of difficulty during the 9 levels that represent the possible 50 years of your reign (If you can reach that!)

First, the announcement. You can download now (now), for free-for you-forever, Xtreme King Abdicator for Android, just get it here!

Xtreme King Abdicator at Google Play, Now!

Xtreme King Abdicator / Android

It's a skill game, you have the hard job of a King in modern times; Sitting behind a expensive desk, sealing documents, and signing diplomas. (While I was making the game, I'm waiting that my dear new King Felipito VI sign my Philosophy University Diploma.

The same night I released the crappy Lil'Bunny Race, I started working in this Idea.The programming has been like 3 nights and an afternoon, the graphics, the weekend. The graphics provide the narrative thread of the story of this King in the fictional Country of Pravia, from 1980 to 2030, in an age of profuse change of mentality about our government and the way the high caste see life.

My country (Catalonia, Spain) lives in interesting times, but seems not interesting enough. The "silent bulk" of the population wants the monarchic system to persevere, they say. Anyway, I made this homage to the royalty in general , that had make so much for all countries in the late centuries.(Irony off).

I put a lot of love in this game, my first 100% from scratch programming, sound elaborating (The volume is not quite accurate yet, Hope to fix that in future updates), and take a lot of fun making the irreverent graphics.

If you like my work, or this game, please invite me a coffe, at least, I'll be very pleased ;) You can do it down here;
Si te gusta mi trabajo, o este juego, invitame a un café almenos, estaré muy agradecido ;) Puedes hacerlo aquí abajo;

Friday, June 20, 2014

Advise for Noob App Developers like me - Run rabbit, I mean, Fly, Bunny!!

So, Yesterday I got this silly idea; Make a tap and fly Bunny inspired Hot Lander version.
Well, two days, it's done. I looked over the ranking contraries in Google Apps.

My new game (game, cause is too silly to be called a game), it's called Lil'Bunny Race (Little Bunny Race). So, she flies (my bunny is a girl.. that's a strange phrase), don't run, but well. When you search "Bunny Race" in Google Play, you directly stomp into more than 40 games of Little and Cute bunnies/rabbits running.

Yes, that what they do; Bunnies that run. They run in 2d, horizontal scrolling, vertically scrolling the screen, or run in 3d. They are rabbits, and they run. more than 40 games in the first 60 ranking results.

Ok, you know, infinite run/fly scrollers get famous for Temple Run, Flappy birds, and that sort of things (in mobile, In PC I can only thing of the fantastic, addictive and VERY HARD BIT TRIP RUNNER, (greeeeat game, awesome music).

Then, On trillion Indie developers, little Mobile money maker companies, and just Oportunity squashers, say "Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh come come come we're gonna make a run game of every animal in the f****ng royal animal kingdom!"

And this is the result. Me, personally, Alarconte, not the little company I represent, 7Ye, I just made another silly game (yes, is a re-skin of Hotlander, with the menus more friendly), to check how weekends, ranking, active installs, total installs, etc, affect apps. (And yes, Advertising Networks) 'Cause there is no much information out there. Yes, there is a LOT information out there, but fraking hard to find (And you know why, Gooog..Gosh!).

But I have to fight to be visible among 40 cute little bunnies and rabbits that run and flight to get carrots, moneny or wathever. THERE ARE GOOD GAMES between them, much better than mine. (but well, none of them have a so sexy bunnylady like mine ;)).

What was the point of this dissertation? Make an original game, like I'm doing with Hearts Date Club (A bit of auto-flattering here, I guess). Put it a good name. Don't try to outrank the well established. Make a game that don't have competitors, and all you have left to do is Marketing. More on the practical aspect of this another day, right now, here you have, as promised!!

Click the link to be transported to a happy dimension, with flying carrots and cute furry-ladies!

Lil'Bunny Race

Click the image just to see it in all its glory!
Happy Carrots and Flying Bunny Girls!

And I have to say, I consider this game lot more fun than Hot Lander, and the gameplay is the same. I think I see progress, here...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Two days relax - Good things come to those who wait

Yesterday I thought. "meh, I can just use two days to launch another silly game like the last one , checking in that fashion more about Google Play discoverability (or whatever), ups and downs, ranking etc.

I thought, "meh, Just a Hot Lander re-skin will work.". A voice in my head told me that Socrates said "Remember, what is unbecoming to do is also unbecoming to say". And I just thought "meh..."

Today I was preparing the cradle for my first-born, that is coming very soon, So I've done 1/3 or 1/2 of all the graphics of the game. I hope tomorrow I have time to retrofit Hot Lander's programming and launch the new silly game.

I'm a long way from making a little money from mobile games, not even finished the first serious game (Hearts Date Club) but It's worth the effort; I just wanna get established a little in the publishing-games-for-little-coins-world to get some real free time to work in "big" (or at least interesting, time consuming to program) PC-Games.

At least I'm happy making a new "kind" of graphics (In the time of the last test of the university I began to make Galactic Battlefare Universe Art, in a different way, but that will be the thing for another day), at least for two days. Let me show you a sneak peek; (It's an extra, nobody interesting, but you can see what other "kind" of theme...

Lil' Bunny character

PS: Some blog-testers says that I have too many images and little text. I always thought that One image is worth more than thousand words... Now the only thing I know is that I don't know nothing (thank you Socrates, again)

Final Thought: While I was in university, the most gaming-creative productive moments were when I have a lot of university work. Now that I ended, I have a real need to put me short-term objectives. The first, this little game in two days. If isn't published on friday, I'll let you slap me on the wrist, ripping me to shreds, tweak my ears, or whatever expression is what I'm really trying to use ;)

After this short entry, I think is dinner time. See you!

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PPS: Is she (photo upthere) is an animal, is she hasn't clothes is a nude? Discuss....